This is why Berlin is Awesome: A Photography Playground experience

  • Published by Dara
  • Posted on May 31, 2013

Today, we went to the Olympus "Photography playground" in Berlin. Now, as an ex-brand strategist, I have to say that this is one of the best executions of a brand experience I have ever seen.

Olympus have a new camera - the OM-D. So they hired a big warehouse space, got a whole heap of artists to create photogenic installations and then invited the public in (for free) to take photo's of the whole exhibition using the new camera.

After handing over some ID, we were handed one of these bad boys (RRP about 900 Euro): and then were left to wander through the maze of art. At the end, we got to keep the 4G memory card and then come home and upload our best image from the day (so that people could vote on the best image).

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Nemara was the photographer for the day - so all the photo credit goes to her! Great work if I do say so myself!

Now tell me - how cool is Berlin. I mean, when and how would this ever happen in Sydney? Ahhh! The inspiration is ooooooozing out of this place.

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