Disruption, disruption, disruption: Mesh Conference 2013

If you've been sitting back and watching the world pass you by, you and your industry are about to get a swift kick in the ass. That's my takeaway from the Mesh Conference 2013. Whether you're in tech, education, or journalism, the name of the game is disruption, as industries and occupations are being innovated seemingly overnight.

The Mesh Conference is Canada's largest digital conference. Each year, thought leaders and internet enthusiasts come together to share the latest developments in social media, technology, and digital culture.

I was on scene for Digital Journal, the media team responsible for official coverage of the conference. Alongside editor Chris Hogg, creative director Sabaa Quao, editors Leigh Doyle and David Silverberg (and photographers Christopher and Ryan) we were in charge of documenting the two-day conference in real-time and monitoring the buzz around the hashtag #meshcon (and there was a LOT of buzzwithin the first hour of Stuart MacDonald's opening remarks, the mesh conference was trending on Twitter). Here are some pics I took:

Highlights of the conference were seeing a 3D printer work its magic and playing a brand new software that teaches you how to read music. I got to spend two whole days learning about the start-up scene in Toronto and meeting talented entrepreneurs. As a creative skit, I asked people at the conference to give me their Vine pitchthat is, their six-second pitch, captured on camera with the app Vine. (Surely a sign of the times. After all, who has time for the whole elevator pitch?). Here are some of my favourites:

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Key discussions centered around online education, technology and the workforce, and brand journalism (this last topic reminded me of a talk I covered in March at the Drake Hotel titled the Future of Media: click click click to see). Almost all conference conversations featured the word disruption, which is quickly becoming overused in social media parlance, especially in Silicon Valley (for an example of what I mean, read this article).

Mesh, you were great this year, and I look forward to coming back next year, when things are hopefully even bigger and better.

Interested in learning more about the conference? search #meshcon on Twitter to follow the conversation as it unfolded in real-time.

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